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Monday, December 17, 2007

Fun in the SNOW!

We're right in the middle of the blizzard that's still blowing through! So Alethia came over and we sledded yesterday night and this morning. I have a veritable potpourri of pictures thereof, to be followed by some knitting-related schpiel...

Here we see my beloved brother trying to fit into a toddler sled and going over the skateboard jump we set up on the hill next door. This, as you can probably tell, was last night.

And here I am going over the jump as well, with a very strange look on my face. Now for some from today, with actual light...

And Alethia, seeming to defy the laws of physics...

A surreal, but pretty neat picture of me.
And now come some cool pictures of my sister.

She always asks why I randomly take pictures of her...isn't it obvious? She's so photogenic! And by the way, she's wearing a beret I made a few years ago out of a kit from Morehouse Merino.

My multiple WIPs plod along. I've nearly finished the heel on the socks made out of that green yarn from Chanukkah. My So Called Scarf is more or less on hold. I'm working on Alethia's Almost Fingerless Gloves (a birthday present, which was not done by her birthday...), and then I'll do Addie's (the sister) mutant bunny hat - a Chanukkah present, which wasn't done by Chanukah either. It'll be my first time using malabrigo, and I'm SO excited. I'm pretty much in love with that yarn. It also includes Blizzard, which, even though it contains acrylic, I really like. I promise some pictures of all this knitty some point. Ta ta for now!

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