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Friday, December 21, 2007

Many things

I'll start with the icky news, then if you read it, you get a reward with happy stuff.

To explain the icky news, I need to impart some good news, though. We finally went skiing today! Sort of. For the morning, I snowboarded, which I think I did a total of once last season, so I was pretty rusty. By lunchtime, I was finally getting the hang of turning again. Sorry, no pictures - you think I trust myself not to fall on a camera?! But on the lift up for our last run before lunch, I was fixing my helmet and had taken off my glasses. As I put them back on, one of the lenses popped out and fell down to the ground. We (my mom and I) spent about 15 minutes searching for it - I do have Transitions lenses, so it was dark-colored. But we didn't find it. I wasn't really comfortable snowboarding without good vision, but I'm a pretty competent skier, so I figured I would just ski for the afternoon - I had brought my skis as well.
However, when I went to put my skis on, it turned out that the people at the shop had adjusted the bindings entirely incorrectly. They were literally about 3 inches too far apart! And the irritating thing was, I didn't even get new boots, so they shouldn't have done anything at all to the bindings! I just left my skis for a tuneup.
Annoyed but not to be defeated after working so hard to convince Mother Dearest to take us, I put on my skiboards and had fun for the rest of the day. On the way home (1.2 hours or so), I could fortunately work on My So Called Scarf, which I don't need to see too well for.
When I got home, I put on my old pair of glasses. Good news: I can see! Bad news: Old prescription now makes me dizzzzzy. Not so fun.

Anyway, done with my rant. On to cool stuff! With pictures! Which you're not allowed to comment upon if you don't prove that you read the above woes and misery. :P

My So Called Scarf goes.

As does the bunny hat! I really like how this is coming out, so I think I'll write up the pattern. By the way, mine's out of Blizzard and pink malabrigo (held double to match the gauge of the Blizzard). Here's an incipient ear (one out of three...). It's double-sided, so the back of this is the brownyblackgrey color, as you can kinda see in the next picture.

It's a very soft hat, and I've told my sister that she must wear it every day. She looked a little worried...


Fiber Chic said...

I'm sorry about losing your lense--it really stinks, doesn't it? And as for telling your sister she had to wear the had every day....good luck with that!
I see I'm being stalked in the sidebar--you'll soon be a blog to be "checked out"! See ya!

Alethia said...

Oh okay okay, fine, I'll pity you for being the poor lost-her-transitions-lenses girl for a while.
Plus I'm wearing your handwarmers and they are so f*ing amazing there is no way that I could be mean to you. =D

Katherine said...

Oh geez, I thought with the lens popping out you were working up to breaking your leg or something-- I was groaning when you said the skis weren't right... So I'm sorry for your lens, but *shudder* it could have been a lot worse, right? :)

Rachel said...


Yes, I s'pose it could've been worse...

Thanks, Alethia! I think...

Alethia said...

I'm glad you think. It's never too late to pick up a new hobby, Rachel. It's never too late.

MJ said...

Ooo!! Pretty scarf! Pretty needles!
Knitting lust!