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Saturday, November 24, 2007

I am laughing hysterically right now.

You will NEVER guess what happened to me.

My English teacher (a slightly creepy old man who looks like a hobo) called me because his wife had an urgent question about knitting! I just think that's hilarious and felt the need to immortalize it bloggily.

Turned out she had taught someone (her son's girlfriend) to knit and wanted to get her yarn to make a scarf but wasn't aware that you can get inexpensive yarn at an actual yarn shop. She was going to go to Michaels'! *gasp* Yes, I am a yarn elitist. I don't like acrylic yarn with no dye lots. Shoot. Me. Now. So I kindly explained to her that if she just went back to the LYS and told them what she needed and what her price range was, they'd help her.

*laughs again* My ENGLISH TEACHER called me about KNITTING! Teehee.

Just goes to show you what happens when you knit in class, I guess...


Katherine said...

That's hilarious! It's kind of sad, though, that the only experienced knitter in their lives was someone as remotely connected as a student. That woman needs to go make/convert some knitting friends!

Rachel said...

Yeah, I know, right? :P

Well, I am glad I could help...