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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Jaywalkers Frogged!

So, I did notice the other day that they were too small for me. But I figured they would fit someone. However, I tried them on my dear sister today, and we could barely get it on her foot.

She is a woman's size 5. Quite itsy-bitsy. And we were hoping to sell them, but I don't think anybody would pay enough for kids' socks even to compensate for the yarn. So, farewell, Jaywalkers!

What's left. And me post-frogging.

I think I'm taking a sock hiatus for a bit...I'll have to figure out something else to bring to school tomorrow...

On the bright side, I passed 45,000 words! NaNoWriMo is eating my life more than I remembered from last year, and it's been fun, but I'll be really happy when it's done.

Edit - I'm starting the chain link scarf, so I will have something to bring to school. And I'm doing it out of some nice, worsted-weight wool/angora. It's comfort knitting at it's finest.

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